When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist

When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can happen any time like any other medical emergency. It’s important to visit the dentist regularly so that the risk of dental issues can be reduced significantly. It’s important to stay informed about the dental emergencies so that you can decide which emergency needs immediate medical care and which emergency can wait, says dentist in Chicago.

What are Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Of all the dental issues that people suffer from, the toothache is most common. Toothache may be a result of sudden trauma but it can also be a result of poor oral hygiene. If your tooth pains but there are no clear reason, it is best to visit the dentist for addressing the pain. Till then you can use floss and take over-the-counter medicine along with an ice pack for reducing the swelling.

Another common dental issue is broken teeth and restorations. If you happen to bite on a hard surface or hard food items, it can lead to broken or chipped teeth. Playing sports without wearing mouth guard can also damage to your teeth.

Another dental emergency is knocked out teeth. Injury is not the only reason for knocked out teeth. Severe gum infection can also dislodge the teeth but it may not completely come out. If the tooth gets dislodged, avoid chewing from that side of the mouth. Try to put the tooth back in socket if it falls out. If it is not possible, then place the tooth in a bowl of milk or water, says dentist Chicago IL.

How Should You Handle Them?

Every dental emergency needs to be addressed by a dentist and not by any staff member from emergency room as these rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. The only reason to visit emergency room should be severe bleeding or broken jaw as in these cases the emergency rooms will be equipped to handle the issue. Once you are in a stable condition, schedule an appointment with emergency dentist in 60611 so that he can offer he right treatment for the dental emergency.

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