What is Lurking Under Your Gums?

What is Lurking Under Your Gums?

You need healthy teeth as well as gums which can be achieved by maintaining proper oral hygiene. It is said that while brushing you should hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle so that the bristle tips aim at the gum line. While the brush with soft bristles can help in cleaning the food particles in the pockets of both back and front of the tooth, you also need to floss the teeth. You need to be careful while flossing so that you don’t end up hurting your gums, says dentist in Chicago.

Protecting Your Gums

It is very important to hold the brush at the correct angle because if the bristles can’t get inside the pocket for cleaning, the bacteria will lead to the formation of plaque which damages the enamel. When the plaque starts to build up in the pockets, the gums begin to loosen which can lead to tooth loss in the long run. With the passage of time, the pockets will become too deep for the brush to reach. Plus, the tooth structure below gum line is more vulnerable to decay than the enamel, says dentist near Chicago IL.

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There are many ways your oral health can get compromised. Even if the visible parts of your mouth such as your teeth look diseases or cavity free, the underlying gum diseases can trouble the parts of your mouth which are not even visible. You must consult a dentist in Chicago so that they can help you in establishing good oral hygiene habits. If you haven’t gone for a dental appointment in a while, or are experiencing soreness in gums or gum recession, you must immediately schedule an appointment for tooth and gum examination. The dentist will be able to diagnose the actual issue and suggest you measures to control and prevent them. In case of gum issues, the dentist will prescribe the required treatment and medication so that the further damage is prevented. He may also suggest you good oral habits to protect your gums.

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