What is All on Four?

What is All on Four?

All on four is a common terminology in dentistry which signifies a treatment used for teeth restoration. According to dentist in Chicago, the whole denture is placed on the jaw with the support of four implants that gets permanently fixed. One can lose tooth for any reason such as accident, age, gum diseases, decay, sports, lack of dental hygiene, smoking, consuming tobacco, high blood sugar, arthritis, etc. With tooth, you also lose your smile, confidence, ability to eat, and in worst cases face structure as well.

What is All on Four?

When the person loses a single tooth, it can be replaced by a single implant or with the help of any other restorative procedure in dentistry. However, when a person loses all their teeth, it needs to be fixed as they lose their ability to chew and speak, says dentist near Chicago IL. It also leads to bone loss which makes your face shaggy, dropped and may lead to several other issues.

The dentist in Chicago says that for avoiding all of these problems it is important to fix missing teeth as early as possible. Going with All on Four dentures is probably the most ideal option. With traditional dentures, there are chances of them coming out while playing or chewing hard food. To get rid of these issues, it is better to go for All on Four dentures as they also help the jaw bone in getting a decline.

Benefits of All on Four Dentures According to Chicago Dentist Near You:

  • The major benefit of All on Four dentures is that they offer fully-functional new teeth within a short span of time.
  • They help in improving the appearance of your face.
  • They help in achieving a long-lasting smile as they are a permanent replacement.
  • They are easy to care for just like your regular dental care routine.
  • They allow you to eat food without any type of restrictions unlike the traditional dentures.

You can discuss with a dentist near you about getting the All on Four dentures, its procedures, cost, and benefits.

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