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How does aging affect teeth? Dr. Neal Nealis discusses the need for dental care that can last until patients are in their 80s, 90s and even over 100.

What are the causes of bad breath? Dr. Neal discusses the causes and prevention of bad breath.

Is chewing ice bad for your teeth? Dr. Neal shares a personal experience about cracking a tooth while chewing ice.

Why do you wear those funny glasses? Dr. Neal explains why, even though he has perfect 20/10 vision, he uses magnifiers to look at patient’s teeth.

Got any tips for kids going to the dentist? Dr. Neal discusses the basics parents need to know about bringing their kids to the dentist.

Does pregnancy affect women’s dental health? Dr. Neal discusses some little-known facts about the effects of pregnancy on dental health.

Can probiotics help fight tooth decay? Dr. Neal discusses the amazing effects that probiotics can have on dental health.

What’s the latest dental technology? Dr. Neal demonstrates some of the amazing technology he has introduced into his practice.

What’s the best way to whiten teeth? Dr. Neal analyzes the many options patients have for whitening teeth.

Why is soda pop bad for you? The unvarnished truth about the hazards of soda pop on your teeth.

How does snacking affect kid’s teeth? Those carbs that kids love to snack on may be doing long-term damage to their teeth.

What are invisalign braces? Better smiles without unsightly metal braces. Clear braces are great for kids and adults alike.

What’s the trick to using floss? This trick makes flossing not only easier, but also more effective in cleaning your teeth.

What’s better, a hard or soft toothbrush? The age-old question, a soft bristle toothbrush or a hard bristle toothbrush?

Why are electric toothbrushes better for you? A healthy mouth is a happy mouth and an electric toothbrush just may be the reason why.

What is bruxing? “Bruxing” vs. “clenching" and the potential damage it can do while you sleep.

Is chewing gum bad for you? Why chewing gum can have a very positive impact on your overall dental health.

Does gum health impact overall health? Gum disease can lead to a shocking number of systemic diseases throughout your body.

How does flossing help control germs? A benefit of flossing that will surprise you.

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