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Dr. Nealis can help you get the smile of your dreams using Invisalign orthodontics at his Chicago dental practice. Invisalign uses a series of plastic aligners to gently move your teeth into a more preferable position. Dr. Nealis offers Invisalign to patients in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, IL, and sees patients from surrounding areas such as The Loop, Gold Coast, Near North Side, River West, River North, Magnificent Mile, Ukranian Village, Uptown, Bucktown, and Old Town, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park and West Town.

Invisalign Q&A

by Neal Nealis, DDS

How does Invisalign differ from traditional braces?

The Invisalign alignment correcting system is different than traditional orthodontic solutions like braces. With traditional braces, metal brackets and wires are cemented to the patient’s teeth. Over time, these appliances move the teeth into a more preferable position, correcting any bite or spacing issues. Invisalign works differently. The treatment utilizes clear, plastic aligners to gently move the patient’s teeth into the correct position. Instead of having the wires and brackets tightened as the teeth move towards the correct position, the patient will receive several sets of aligners during the course of his or her treatment to guide the teeth into place.

How often do I change aligners?

Aligners are changed approximately every two weeks as the patient’s teeth shift towards the correct position. If time is important the Propel system can accelerate tooth movement and reduce treatment time by as much as two thirds – a one year Orthodontic treatment plan can be completed in four months by adding Propel! Patients should plan to come to the office for a checkup every two months.

How long does treatment with Invisalign take?

Most Invisalign patients’ treatment lasts for 9 to 15 months, depending on the severity of the correction needed. The dentist will utilize between 18 and 30 sets of aligners. However, treatment may vary slightly, depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals. If time is a concern, the Propel system can be incorporated to reduce treatment time by as much as two thirds.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Some people find traditional braces cosmetically unattractive. Invisalign are clear, fit snugly over the teeth and are virtually undetectable to others. Additionally, metal brackets can cause irritation inside of a patient’s mouth. Invisalign aligners are smooth and won’t rub the gums or cheeks. The patient removes the aligners to eat and perform oral hygiene, allowing him or her to maintain oral hygiene easier than when wearing traditional braces.

Does insurance cover Invisalign?

If you have a plan with orthodontic coverage, it may pay at least a portion of the cost of Invisalign treatment. You and Dr. Nealis’ administrator will investigate your insurance benefits prior to initiating treatment. The remainder of the fee can be paid with cash, credit card or using the Care Credit financing plan.

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