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Dr. Nealis offers dental implant consultations to patients with missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Nealis offers dental implants to patients in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, IL, and sees patients from surrounding areas such as The Loop, Gold Coast, Near North Side, River West, River North, Magnificent Mile, Ukranian Village, Uptown, Bucktown, and Old Town, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park and West Town.

Implants Q&A

by Neal Nealis, DDS

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a long-lasting way to replace missing or damaged teeth. You and Dr. Nealis will work with a surgeon who will surgically insert tiny, titanium cylinders called “fixtures” into the jawbone in the area(s) where teeth are missing. The rods act as substitutes for a natural tooth’s roots. Titanium is used because of its unique biocompatibility. Dr. Nealis will explain to the surgeon exactly where the fixtures are to be placed and then craft porcelain crowns to them. The patient is left with strong, completely natural-looking teeth that allow you to eat and speak comfortably. With proper care including daily flossing and brushing, dental implants can last a lifetime.

How long does the procedure take?

Surgical placement of the fixtures typically takes about an hour. Allowing three to four months for the fixtures to bond to the bone before attaching a crown is the safest method. Often some type of provisional crown is worn during the healing phase for esthetics and chewing.

Will I be asleep?

Every patient is different. Sometimes sedation is necessary when the fixtures are placed and is something that the patient and surgeon will discuss at a separate consultation appointment. Sedation for the restorative portion of the procedure with Dr. Nealis is never necessary.

How do I care for dental implants?

Care for dental implants just like your natural teeth. While the prosthetic tooth will not decay, the gums and tissue surrounding it still need to be cared for. You will need to brush and floss twice a day and see Dr. Nealis every six months for a comprehensive exam and professional cleaning. Never bite on ice, popcorn, hard candy or other foods that could chip or crack your teeth.

Will my dental insurance cover implants?

Even though implants replace missing teeth, they’re sometimes considered a cosmetic procedure and some insurances do not cover cosmetic treatments. Dr. Nealis’ team will try their best to explore your insurance benefits prior to providing any services. Dr. Nealis’ office accepts cash, credit cards and CareCredit financing.

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