Patient Amenities

Patient Amenities

Olympia Centre Professional Suites lobby entrance is located east on Chicago Avenue, just around the corner from Walgreens.


Self-parking is located at 161 East Chicago Avenue just east of the Chicago Avenue lobby entrance. The parking garage elevator takes you to the building lobby where our office elevators are located.

Discounted parking is available to patients with a sticker provided by the office.

$17 up to 2 hours.
$19 up to 4 hours.


Bike racks are located on Chicago Avenue in front of the lobby entrance.

Other Amenities:

  • Cordless headphones
  • Full choice of music
  • Massage treatment chairs
  • Disposable sunglasses
  • Bottled water, bubbly water & coffee
  • Hot scented towel after treatment
  • Aroma therapy oils
  • Heated mittens with skin care lotion in cold weather months
  • Blanket
  • Professional hand holder when necessary
  • Glass of white wine after visit