Advancement of Same Day Crowns

Advancement of Same Day Crowns

Dental procedures can be very time consuming. Even the most experienced of dentists take up a ton of time in providing you with the required service. The problem lies primarily in:

  1. Finding the right time slot in terms of an appointment.
  2. The time taken by the laboratories to provide the dentist with the veneers or crowns.

For solving the former one, any dentist in Chicago can help you if you reach out to him or her at the right time. For the latter problem, it is a rather complex process:

  1. Suppose you are undergoing a dental procedure which includes the fitting of a crown. Now, before this crown is fit up, the dentist will start with cleaning your teeth. Post his, he will thoroughly check your teeth. Finally, once he is done, he will take the impressions of the exact area where the crown has to be attached.
  2. Then, after this session is over, the dentist will send over the impressions to a laboratory which will study it carefully and prepare crowns in accordance with this very measurement. Once the crown is ready, it will be sent across to the dentist.
  3. The dentist in Chicago IL receives the crown and fits it on to your tooth or teeth. Now, if it gets fitted in the very first time – you must be lucky. If you are not lucky, the crown will not fit up and will be sent for a revision to the laboratory.

This process of sending the crown back and forth takes usually two to three rounds between the dentist and the laboratory. Whom should you blame for it – the dentist or the laboratory? None, because this process has intricate details and ultimately they are trying to give you the best fit possible for your dental problem.

Hence, the arrangement made by Neal Nealis DDS is revolutionary in the field of dentistry. Now, it is possible for you to get the crown advancement on the same day. This is certainly not a service provided by the dentist near you so book an appointment with Neal Nealis DDS today!

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