Activated Charcoal on Teeth – Is it Safe?

Activated Charcoal on Teeth – Is it Safe?

You might have gone through many videos on different platforms of social media showing how charcoal cleans the dirt better than everything else. These videos are very impressive but are you still in doubt whether it is safe or not for your teeth? There are many dentists like the Neal Nealis DDS which is a dentist in Chicago who raise concern regarding charcoal. It is important that you should clear these doubts before using it.

Now the question arises what is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is very similar to the charcoal used by industry for generating power. It is in powder form which is heated up to make a bigger pore of mineral. These large pores absorb the chemical or dirt and this is how they clean the sticky surfaces.

Is applying charcoal on teeth safe or not?

  • Most of the people know that charcoal can clean off dirt, oil and other foreign particles from your teeth but nobody knows that it also absorbs good things such as medication and all. It is a risky case and therefore, you should talk to the dentist in Chicago IL before using.
  • When you apply charcoal on your teeth, you should not keep it for a long period of time. This needs to be taken care of because when it starts performing, you can’t be sure if it would whiten your teeth. One thing is for sure though, there is a high chance that it could remove the upper coating of your teeth along.
  • There is a difference between removing stain from teeth and whitening the teeth. Sometimes teeth happen to have some or the other kind of stain like tobacco, wine and so on. Charcoal removes that stain but does not whiten back to the original teeth color.
  • People who are suffering from any kind of damage on teeth like wear or tear, broken or other similar problem need to consult a dentist. It is advisable to contact with the Neal Nealis DDS where you can find the best dentist in Chicago before applying.
  • If you have any kind of open wounds, cuts or some other problems, then it is a better idea to avoid using charcoal at all.

Activated charcoal can clean your teeth but there is no scientific evidence about whether it is safe for your teeth or not. It is advisable you should talk to the dentist in 60611. The dentist can consult you about the right options after checking your teeth’s condition.

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